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About Brittany Zajac

Hi there! I was born and raised in Sunny St. Petersburg Florida, and I couldn't Love this area more. I am confident that you will receive the ABSOLUTE BEST buying and selling experience because of my knowledge of the Tampa Bay Housing Market. 

As a dynamic and driven professional, I wear multiple hats proudly. With a strong background in Real Estate, a passion for Finance, and a love for the beautiful state of Florida, I have crafted a career that reflects my diverse interests and expertise. My dedication to personalized financial solutions and a keen understanding of what buyers and homeowners want and need, sets me apart in the industry. In addition to being a Realtor and Loan officer I am also a successful entrepreneur, managing multiple businesses that thrive in various sectors of the Florida Housing Market.  While I am passionate about my professional endeavors, my heart belongs to my loving family. They are my inspiration and driving force, reminding me every day of the importance of home and the people we share it with. When I am not helping clients secure their dream homes, you'll find me on the open waters of the gulf boating and fishing! The process of purchasing or selling your home can be stressful, but with my dedication to you, acting in your best interest, and staying on top of every step, it will be a smooth transaction. Let's Find Your New Dream Home!